What is a Branded Title?

To put it in simple words, a Branded Title is a vehicle that was involved in an Insurance claim.  There are several reasons why a vehicle would be sent to an Insurance Auto Auction varying from an incident related to an accident to a recovered theft, etc.   One thing that remains the same is the fact that the Insurance Company will write a vehicle off and send it to an Insurance Auto Auction rather than repairing it because it saves the Insurance Company money!!  

There are many branded vehicles out there and the severity of each incident varies from car to car, one thing that sets Image Auto Sales apart is that we specialize only on light cosmetic damages and/or theft recoveries, etc.  This niche saves our customers thousands of dollars and provides them with high-quality, safe and reliable vehicles for their lifestyle.  Our educated staff will walk you through our process and point out the specific details on every vehicle.   Any car, truck or van you purchase from Image Auto Sales qualifies for an extended warranty option.  Our third party warranty is honored in all 50 States, Canada and also includes 24 hour roadside assistance.  We will customize the warranty specifically for you and your needs!   Please contact us if you have a specific vehicle in mind and our sales professionals would be happy to tell you the background of the vehicle you are interested in.

What are the benefits of buying a Branded Title?

The benefits of buying a Branded Title from Image Auto are many!  However, if you were to ask any of our customers what their number one reason was why they chose to buy Branded, the answer is always HUGE SAVINGS!  Our clients save an average of anywhere from $4K and even up to $10K compared to what the same vehicle would cost them in the retail market.  Let’s face it.  All cars depreciate with time and usage no matter what type of title it carries.  The beauty behind buying Branded is the simple fact that you lose less money as the car depreciates because you paid less to start with.  You will always be ahead of the depreciation curve!!

    All Branded Title cars are not created the same!

    This statement is absolutely true.  Each State and every Insurance Company has their own procedure which they follow.  You can have a brand new car with 200 miles that a branch fell on the roof and the Insurance Company took it into their possesion.  This is usually due to the fact that the previous owner of the vehicle chose to accept a check from the Insurance Company rather than sitting around waiting for their car to be repaired while it depreciates in value all because of the branch fell on the roof.

    Image Auto Sales has been around since 2002 specializing in the Branded Title business and we pride ourselves to be very selective with our product and the repairing process which puts us in an entirely different category than most other Branded Title Dealers.  Most of our inventory consists of recovered thefts to cosmetic damage which puts us apart from everyone else.  Not to mention all of our vehicles are certified and have undergone a 150 point inspection as well as State required safety and emission testing to get the vehicle back to the manufacturer’s specifications.

    Peace of Mind

    The Image repair to delivery process:

    • The process starts at the auction itself where the frame railings, engine, transmission, and all of the critical parts of the car are inspected.
    • Our buyer then steps in to evaluate and determine if it can be restored back to the manufacturer specifications prior to the purchasing process.
    • Next the vehicle is shipped to one of our repair facilities.  This is determined by the make of the vehicle.  Each of our facilities have their own line of specialties.  For example, all of our Honda’s are shipped to our facility that specializes in our Honda lines.  The same goes with Lexus, Toyota’s and so forth.  This process assures us that the repairs are done by professionals that specialize in that make of the vehicles only, and that all the parts and paint used in the restoration are genuine quality material.
    • Once all the repairs are done and the vehicle has been shipped to Image Auto, it undergoes a vigorous 150 point inspection process to assure the car passes all safety and mechanical tests with flying colors.
    • Now the vehicle is ready for the final process of our Utah Safety and Emissions testing.  The IM inspector will check for safety and also measure and check the emissions for the vehicle before it is considered a certified vehicle and ready for the showroom.
    • All of our certified vehicles qualify for an extended Protection Plan option that is honored by any certified dealership in US and Canada.  This is a great protection of your investments and truly one more step to give our customer’s that peace of mind they deserve.