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How long has Image Auto Sales been in business?

Image Auto was established in 2002 as a family owned and operated business. 


What is a Branded Title?

To put it in simple words, a Branded Title is a vehicle that was involved in an Insurance claim.  There are several reasons why a vehicle would be sent to an Insurance Auto Auction varying from an incident related to an accident to a recovered theft, etc.  

One thing that remains the same is the fact that the Insurance Company will write a vehicle off and send it to an Insurance Auto Auction rather than repairing it because it saves the Insurance Company money!!  

There are many branded vehicles out there and the severity of each incident varies from car to car, one thing that sets Image Auto Sales apart is that we specialize only on light cosmetic damages and/or theft recoveries, etc.  This niche saves our customers thousands of dollars and provides them with high-quality, safe and reliable vehicles for their lifestyle.  Our educated staff will walk you through our process and point out the specific details on every vehicle. 


What is a Rebuilt/Restored Title?

A Rebuilt/Restored Title is issued when a branded vehicle has been completely and professionally restored to its original condition and has passed the States Safety and Emissions testing. 


Since a Branded Title car usually has been involved in an accident, does it mean a Clean Title car is accident free and safer?

The answer is NO.  Research has proven that between 30% to 55% of all used Clean Title vehicles have some accident history and have been previously damaged.  However the title has remained clean and the Carfax and/or AutoCheck report shows no sign of accidents.  This is why:

  • The accident was never reported.
  • Repairs are done privately.
  • Insurance companies were never involved, the two parties simply settled.
  • Carfax and AutoCheck are not always up to date and not all incidents are reported.    
  • Whether you have purchased a vehicle from a private party or another Dealer, by law neither party are required to dislcose the vehicles previous history.  The Carfax and/or AutoCheck report may or may not supply you with this information.  
  • With a Branded Title the laws require you to disclose this upfront.
  1. You pay less due to the incident.
  2. Our experienced staff will walk you through our repair process and what the previous history of the vehicle was.  
  3. You also have the peace of mind that the technicians performing the repairs are specialist and work specifically on that make of vehicle.  Whereas most Insurance Companies utilize shops that will perform the repairs at the cheapest rate to them.  


 Does Image Auto Sales offer financing options?

Image Auto has established great relationships with some of the largest lending institutions to provide full financing for our clients nationwide.  We are one of Utah's most trusted dealership's specializing in both clean and branded title vehicles which gives our customers significant savings!!  

Image Auto Sales welcomes clients with all types of credit situations.  For our clients that fall in our top tier credit we offer competitive financing rates as low as 2.99% OAC and at the same time we can assist our clients with credit challenges.  

Image Auto Sales is able to provide 100% financing on our Branded Title vehicles due to the superb quality of our vehicles and repairing process that is recognized by our lending institutions. 


What is a Dealer Doc Fee?

The Dealer Documentary Fee of $299.00, as set forth in your contract, represents the costs and profits to the dealer for the preparation and processing of documents and/or other services related to the sale or lease of the vehicle.


Out of State Buyers

A large percentage of our clients are customers from all 50 States, Canada, and customer’s overseas. Image Auto Sales can provide financing for our out of state clients as well as transportation, or airport pick-ups.  Image Auto Sales in conveniently located near Salt Lake City International Airport and we are happy to schedule an airport pick-up for our out of state clients during business hours.  For shipping costs and/or more information please contact one of our sales representatives. 


Can I have the vehicle I am interested in inspected by my mechanic?

We encourage our clients to have the vehicle they are interested in inspected by a mechanic of their choice.  This is great to provide a peace of mind knowing that the quality of our vehicle has been verified by your mechanic as well as it is a great way to inspect the car for our out of state customer’s. You pick a shop within a 10 mile radius from us and we will drop the vehicle off for you.  Or if you are a Utah resident simply come in and pick up the vehicle at your convenience. 


Service Contracts

At Image Auto Sales all of our vehicles go through a vigorous inspection/certification process as well as State required inspection and emissions testing.  All of our certified vehicles are eligible for an extended warranty option.  These warranties are honored all over the United States and Canada at any certified mechanic or dealership of your choice (both parts and labor) and include 24 hour roadside assistance.  Our finance department will help you customize a warranty package to fit your needs.


Why aren’t deposits refundable?

Deposits are normally taken once a client has decided to purchase a vehicle but needs additional time to provide financing, to purchase a flight ticket, transferring funds, etc.  Once the deposit is taken that vehicle is no longer available to the public.  We will remove that vehicle from all advertising sites and hold the vehicle specifically for you.  If for some reason the customer has a change of mind, it will cost Image Auto Sales to re-advertise and restock that vehicle, not to mention other possible clients that have been turned away.


Can I pay by Credit Card?

We accept all major credit cards up to $1000.00 as a deposit to hold the vehicle for 5 business days unless other arrangements have been agreed upon.  We also accept cash, money order’s, cashier’s checks and/or wire transfers.  Please contact your sales representative for more details.


Can I Insure a Branded Title vehicle?

Yes!  Most of the major Insurance Companies nationwide offer full coverage on our Branded Title vehicles.  Please contact your local Insurance adjuster for quotes and/or addional questions.